My ToDO List or Not ToDO

Here is what I am doing now.

My Hobby Projects
- Zawgyi 2009 (not yet finished)
- KeyMaster for Zawgyi 2009 - Windows (not yet finished)
- Myanmar Search Engine (not even started yet)
- wxPyDict - Dictionary Lookup program - Windows (currently no updates)
- Myanmar Text Tools - Windows (dont have time to touch it)
- Burglish Systems (currently no updates)

Old Projects (being suspended)
- Prince Kanaung Converter Engine (never touch now)

Paid Projects (almost done)
- one web based engine (taking too much time)
- one myanmar text related program (i like this)

My Works
- My Current Cisco Network Engineering work for MPLS (its my profession, so same as ever)
- New Juniper Router configurations for IPSec Tunnels, Static, BGP to MPLS Networks (starts from 1 Oct, 2009) (a new exciting technology)

What I like to do / research
- Zawgyi 2009 for Mac OS X (imm, i need one Mac, or Emulator to run at my one)
- KeyMaster for other OSes (no idea yet)
- wxPyDict, Myanmar Text Tools to works in other OSes (its able to run but not going to release for now)
- to upgrade Burglish Systems to Zawgyi 2009 (no idea now)
- CAPTCHA Cracking (i really want to try this)
- Myanmar OCR (I like to do this)
- Myanmar Text Analyzer, Word Breaker (like to continue this)
- My Own Web Server, My Own Database Server, A Fast Search Engine (this is fun)
- Some certificates on Cisco, and Juniper (lazy though, need to learn/take at sometimes)
- learn more on FreeBSD (I need to improve this field more)

Wah, There's a lot. what should I do first or last? or Forget Everything?

Just NO IDEA, there is lots of other stuffs and personal related things left to do so.

I need to postponed or suspend or stop half of them at least.


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