Memo# JUNOS As A Second Language & Myself


I start learning JUNOS from today because I suddenly got handover from
other team in my work.

I got a few basis idea about some commands & concepts from my work like,

- commit check,
- commit synchronize,
- load merge FILENAME
- run moniter start messges
- show, show | compare, show | match
- delete unit No.
- some interfaces, rsp0, lo0, ae0
- and knew there is some services like, ike, ipsec-vpn
- rounting instances, static routes
- some policy-options prefix-list ipsec-peer
- shared key generations
- telneting, sshing ....

I will go on routing tables, and bgp advertise, receive checks, bgp
summary tomorrow.

well, I will try my best.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for best sharing,:)



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