#Memo - Bought a Ruby book this morning and Just Realized Today is Ruby Day!

I've got some times this morning and walked around along the street.
I've found a book shop near the station, went there to look around.
After reading some books, I've got one good book, called Ruby Recipe.

And Now,

One of my friend just told me, today is Ruby's day.

Wow! That's Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Kind of Serendipity :-)

Ruby is for me too :-)

Paid 420k Yen (approx. 4600 USD) to Embassy for the so-called tax, to extend the passort

Paid 420k Yen (approx. 4600 USD) to Myanmar Embassy for the so-called tax, to extend the passort.

Detail: 10k Yen per month for 3 year and few months => 420k Yen

420 000 Japanese yen = 4 679.22 U.S. dollars

I asked Chinese, Indians, Phillipinos, even Bangladesh, they don't have such things.

So this kind of tax is only for Myanmar Citizens who working in foreign.

NTT Sucks!!!

NTT Sucks!!!

They recently blocked almost everything for internal internet, which includes google search, yahoo search, even stackoverflow. Damn it!

#Memo - Feb 1 ~ Feb 2

Some snow in Tokyo

#Memo - Some Quotes

"When people are lame, they love to blame."

"Inside of every problem lies an opportunity."

"You have to be smart. The easy days are over."

CopyPasted from Ko Ei Maung's Post

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