#Memo - Added Feed Burner Link

#Memo - Added Feed Burner Link

now there is two feed link,

one is original

- http://www.soemin.net/feeds/posts/default

and another one is

- http://feeds.feedburner.com/soemin-mark

They are different, feedburner will count as per reader and other one will not


Thiha Kyaw Zaw said...

there is a way to find the blogger's default feed subscribers count, Bro.

go to google reader--> Browse for stuff-->Search-->Search by keyword-->soemin.net
you will see you have 61 subscribers

မာ့ခ္ said...

Thx for info bro, I never use that functions, but seems Feed Burner Says more, So FeedCount by GoogleReader is only counted by who subscribe from Google Reader.

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