Compile Once, Write Once, Enjoy Everytime!

Write Once Compile Anywhere, I love C/C++!

Write Once Run Anywhere, I love Python!

I love C/C++ and Python Bridge Programming, Its the best of the best!

Write Best & Fastest Code with C/C++ and
Run as Prettiest & Lightest Python Codes, Its Extremely Great! :D

Compile Once, Write Once, Enjoy Everytime :-)

Soe Min


ကိုမင်းက်ာေျ said...

ကိုမာ့ခ္ေရ ..
တကယ္အက်ိုးရွိလွပါတယ္ ... အားေပးလ်ွက္ပါ...

မာ့ခ္ said...


Myint said...

Python + C++? I like your approach! that's really great!

မာ့ခ္ said...

>> Python + C++?
Yeah. Its really cool, also fast and can write smartest codes :-)

trh said...

What about java ?
Write Once, debug anywhere --> Java ;)

မာ့ခ္ said...

>> Write Once, debug anywhere --> Java ;)


Java is abit slow for me, It has lots of good features though.

Myint said...

unless u write program at ur office (on PC), then on train/bus (mobile phone), I see no reason to debug anywhere :) One machine for one programmer is enough :D

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