Burglish Update v1.9.2

updates for unicode 5.1 direct input layout (typewriter input)

In Unicode 5.1, သေဝထိုး and ရရစ္ need to store after consonent(က-အ), like this က, ေက

But from user side, most people want to type ဩေဝထိုး first.

so, i reorder the input sequence after you type in burglish test area.


when you type ေက, it will automatically fix က, and ေျက to က , if you have proper unicode 5.1 font(Myanmar3,Padauk,Parabaik) and render engine (eg. latest uniscribe), you will not see like this ျက , you will instead see, ျက

for ေျမာင္, you need to type ေမ ာ ျင ္. it will properly convert to unicode 5.1 compatible one မ ာ ေျင ္.

and few others update.

Zawgyi's some useful shortcuts like,

Shift Q -်ွ
Shift W -်ြွ
Shift E - ်ြ
Shift K -ွု

can also type in Unicode 5.1 (Myanmar3) through Burglish Test Engine

Soe Min

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