BGP-EIGRP Redistribution Stuck!

BGP-EIGRP Redistribution Stuck and made me half day to troubleshoot that, Garr!

We use MPLS with BGP on backbone and customer use EIGRP, and redistribution done on both ways on edges routers.

In BGP Routing Table, Routes are there, but its not get redistributed into EIGRP.

and clearing the eigrp session does not work! Garr!

clear ip eigrp vrf <vrfno> neighbor <neighbor_ip> 

All the Configurations are OK.

Finally I have to remove / reconfigure same configurations on all the address-families for redistributions on that customer.

router eigrp <as_num>
address-family ipv4 vrf <addr_family_name>
redistribute bgp <as_num> metric <some_values>
network <ipaddress> <wildcard>
no auto-summary
autonomous-system <as_num>

router bgp <as_num>
address-family ipv4 vrf <addr_family_name>
redistribute eigrp <as_num>
no auto-summary
no synchronization

And Following commands are helpful during this troubleshooting

sh ip eigrp vrf <vrfno> accounting
sh ip eigrp vrf <vrfno> topology | include <certain_route>
sh ip bgp vpnv4 vrf <vrfno> | include <certain_route>

Hum! I've learned something but BGP only is better :P

Soe Min

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