Guest OS run better than Host Machine

Do you believe Guest OS run better than Host Machine for most cases?

Thats because of Guest OS can run entirely in RAM without using slow harddisks (with the help of ramdisk)

- First of all you will need decent computer with lots of RAM (eg, 4GB, 8GB)

- If your CPU support Virtualization, thats great.

- To make ramdisk, in linux just mount it /dev/ram0 -> /ramdisk (for eg), for windows, you will need some third-party programs.

- There is lots of VM softwares, i tried in kvm , VirtualBoxOSE in linux and, in windows, i tried VirtualBox and vmware (vmware is great in multimedia support but virtualbox's sound driver is seems experimentals on 64bit machine, not working on mine, may b depends on host sound card also)

- Another good things is you can backup by copying the whole system easily and on the other hand you can discard the system easily when u did unattended installations or similar problems :-)

- and also you can defrag system with few seconds :D

Cheers -)

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